Retrofit Double Glazing

MagicSeal's Retrofit Double Glazing system improves your property's thermal efficiency by reducing your energy costs. The major benefits are acoustic insulation; thermal insulation; increased warmth; UV protection and reducing condensation.

MagicSeal helps to create a better place to live and contributes to direct power savings up to 20%. To keep your home warm in winter, and cool in Summer consider retrofitting, MagicSeal's double-glazing to your existing windows today

Safeguard your living environment against damaging effects of noise pollution, energy loss, condensation and  UV radiation without the mess and invasive process required for installing conventional double glazing. MagicSeal's Retrofit Double Glazing is stylish, ergonomically designed to fit New Zealand window joinery, which is colour matched to suit any joinery.

Where does the heat go?

48% of your homes heat is lost through Single glazed units. With double glazed windows you can keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer

single glazed heat loss without retrofit double glazing



What Is Retrofit Double Glazing?

How MagicSeal's Retrofit Double Glazing Works

  • Retrofit Double-Glazing creates a thermal and soundproofing barrier between the single pane of glass and MagicSeal's optical grade acrylic panel.
  • MagicSeal's double glazing, adhere to a base magnetic seal and can be removed easily.
  • They are installed internally onto existing window frames and there is no disruption to existing glass or window frames.
  • MagicSeal uses 3.0mm or 4.5mm cast optical grade acrylic and is warranted against crazing or discolouring for a period of 30 years.
  • MagicSeal's Retrofitted Double-Glazing is 11 times stronger than glass and does not shatter. It is manufactured from premium quality clear optical grade acrylic sheet, high performance high temperature plastics and strong quality magnets from Europe.
  • Our Retrofitted Double-Glazing has been independently tested under the WERS in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations.
  • Whether you have timber windows or aluminium windows, MagicSeal can apply our unique double glazing units to any shape and size single pane window. Contact us today for a free measure and quote
applying double glazed acrylic to window

MagicSeal's Energy Ratings WERS

WERS energy rating for secondary glazing

Sound Acoustic Results

thickness sound acoustic testing

MagicSeal's Secondary, Glazing vs Single & Double Glazing. Sound and noise reduction test performed better than other competitive products

UV Protection Graph

Benefits of Double Glazing

uv protection from damaging solar radiation benefits of double glazing

UV Protection

  • MagicSeal Retrofit Double-Glazing can block up to 80% of UV radiation due to the UV inhibitors in our optical grade acrylic, where as ordinary glass will only block 30% of the sun’s UV radiation
  • Our Retrofit Double-Glazing helps reduce UV radiation, fading damage to carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings

Heating & Cooling Insulation

summer and winter insulation retrofitting window glazing

Reduce heat in summer by keeping cool air inside and reduce heat loss in winter. Say goodbye to condensation on windows and keep your home comfortable all year round. Talk to us about replacing your single pane windows. Request a free quote today

Double-Glazing Benefits

Energy Effeciency with Insulation

MagicSeal's thermal insulation, reduces the loss of heat by up to 54% because of the trapped insulating layer of still air between the glass and the MagicSeal retrofitted double-glazing panel. In other words the still air trapped between the two surfaces acts as an insulator. As a result your home will be a lot more energy efficient once MagicSeal's Retrofit Double-Glazing is installed. Double Glazed windows virtually pays for itself as you start to save on power bills the moment it's installed. Energy savings achieved by Retrofitting MagicSeal's Secondary Glazing can contribute to direct cost power savings up to 20%.

Acoustic Insulation for Quieter Living

For acoustic benefits MagicSeal's Secondary, Double Glazing is retrofitted to the existing windows in such a way as to maximize the air space between the pane of glass and acrylic double glazing. This acts as an insulation baffle, therefore reduce noise and the amount of sound transmitted through the single pane. Due to different types of material (retrofitting acrylic over glass) both panes vibrate and pass different frequencies at varying time intervals thereby damping down the noise waves. In other words both panes do not vibrate in sympathy as a double glass unit would. Therefore, MagicSeal's Retrofitted Double Glazing windows totally out performs a standard Double Glazing unit (DGU).

Condensation Control and UV Protection

MagicSeal's Retrofitted Secondary Double Glazing will reduce the amount of condensation occurring on your windows, preventing mould growth and protecting the health of your family. MagicSeal can help, as part of a holistic approach, to minimise the condensation on your windows, thus creating a warmer, drier home.
With the addition of State of the Art UV stabilizers MagicSeal's acrylic is like sun block for the windows. Retrofitting MagicSeal's Secondary Double-Glazing can block up to 80% of all UV radiation due to the UV inhibitors in the optical grade acrylic, whereas standard glazing glass will only block 30% of the sun's UV radiation.

Energy Efficient Glazing

MagicSeal's Retrofit Double Glazed unit, works just as effectively and energy efficiently in a cooling climate as it does in a heating climate. It can prevent the heat from coming in on a scorching hot summer day making your home more comfortable and reducing air conditioning costs. Alternatively, in winter it will still let as much of the sun's energy through the double glazing but traps and stops the warm air from escaping on cold evenings. MagicSeal significantly reduces convective and conductive heat loss by up to 54%, due to the trapped air between the retrofitted panel and glazing. So not only will MagicSeal reduce the energy bill within your home, but another important factor to consider here is the extra comfort and wellbeing of double glazed windows. Get in contact to discuss how MagicSeal can improve your homes comfort with double-glazed windows today.

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