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Keep Bugs Out With Magnetic Insect Screens

A huge range of quality Magnetic Insect Screens to help you control insects in an environmentally friendly way. "Keep pests out, let the fresh air in."

MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens are almost invisible when placed on your window, as the charcoal mesh absorbs the light energy and minimizes the light reflection and glare. This makes our Magnetic Insect Screens very aesthetic and doesn't restrict your view. The ''Phifer'' mesh is plastic coated, non-flammable, reinforced nylon fibreglass, making the screen  very strong and durable.

The Magnetic screen adheres to the perimeter of the fixed window frame on the inside of the window and can be left in place all year. They are held in place by our unique Magnetic Sealing System.

The screens are very flexible, due to the magnetic snapback action, which allows for easy opening and closing of your window.

Our Magnetic Insect Screens are the most  technically advanced and ergonomically designed Magnetic Insect Screen currently available. With our MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens your home is a healthier, more comfortable place to live in, when you can keep the pests out, but let the fresh air in.


Features and Benefits

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Keep the insects out. Let the fresh air in.

MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens are custom-made to exacting standards. They form a complete seal around your window using custom made magnetic strips and are unobtrusive when installed. They are flexible, durable and easy to use, due to the snapback action of the magnet. This snapback action makes opening and closing your windows a breeze.

They come in six standard colours or can be to colour matched to your exisiting joinery using Standard Dulux Powder Coat Colours. They compliment any interior including domestic homes, restaurants, high-rise buildings, hospitals, boats, caravans etc.

Eco Friendly. No more ozone depleting sprays.

Installing MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens eliminates the need to use sprays for pest control. This is helping to keep your house clean from fly specks and a more environmental friendly and healthy place to live. They help to increase the life expectancy of delicate fabrics, furnishings and walls, which can be ruined by fly specks. Food is not at risk of contamination from insects or chemical sprays used to kill them.

These environmentally friendly screens are an extremely affordable option as they attach to existing infrastructure. MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens are easily fitted and removed, making it simple to clean both the window and the screen itself.


MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screen are custom-made to fit any window and are colour matched to suit any existing joinery

The innovative MagicSeal screening system forms a complete seal around your window, which guarantees a pest free home

We use only the best quality insect screen mesh, plastics and magnet; and is manufactured in New Zealand

MagicSeal Magnetic Insect screens are the most stylish, ergonomically designed screen on the market


Non-chemical protection against flies, mosquitoes and other insects

Environmentally friendly, no more sprays

Flexible, durable and easy to use, due to the snapback action of the magnet

Suitable for domestic and commercial market and can even be made to fit on boats, caravans and difficult windows

Design patented in New Zealand, Australia and Asia

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