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MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens

Cleaning of Screens

Screens can be lightly vacuumed if necessary, but have the screens lying flat at the time. Do not allow the nozzle to suck in the mesh. Screens which may be greasy e.g. kitchen area, may be dipped in a lukewarm mild detergent solution in a large sink or bath. Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water, shake off surplus moisture and re-clip to window. Dry edging well.


Screen Removal

Gently pull screen away from window using the finger space. Place left hand under screen at bottom middle (palms up) and place right hand on top of left hand (palms together) with mesh between. Pull screen out to 45 degrees from window and pull down gently. If screens have not been opened regularly or for a period of time, please very GENTLY open screen as magnet can stick.



MagicSeal Retrofit Double Glazing

Cleaning of Panels

Clean your acrylic panel and frames with Vuplex. Spray on and wipe off with anti-static cloth or a cotton cloth. DO NOT use alcohol based or abrasive cleaners or harsh cloths. Avoid rings on fingers when cleaning your panels. Any light scratches may be taken out by using a little toothpaste on a soft cloth. External fitted panels to be hosed first to remove grit then cleaned as above.

VUPLUX 200gm CANS and MAGICSEAL CLEANING KITS are available from your local MagicSeal agent


Removal of Retrofit Double Glazing

Gently break magnetic seal in one corner of the panel. Then gently ease the magnet away from the window. Progress around the entire window until the panel is free. To re-install ensure that the panel seals tightly around the magnetic frame.




MagicSeal Pleated Screen Doors






Use of Pleated Door Screens

To open use the handle to gently slide the Pleated Door back. To close, pull the handle back into position. If mesh blows out, carefully retract door back into cassette. It will self- align gently.


Cleaning Pleated Door Screens

Take care when cleaning Pleated Insect Door Screens. Use a light brush to dust in between the pleated mesh.





MagicSeal Rollaway Insect Screens

Use of Rollaway Insect Screens

Place fingers in middle handle edge, with thumb underneath. Tilt handle forward to release locks. Gently allow Rollaway Screen to retract. To close the screen pull the handle. The Rollaway Screen will click when locks are engaged.


Cleaning Rollaway Insect Screens

Take care when cleaning Rollaway Insect Screens. Use a light brush or duster.