How Much Does It Cost To Retrofit Double Glazing?

How Much Does Retrofit Double Glazing Cost?

Double glazed windows are a common feature in the northern hemisphere, but us Kiwi's are a bit slower to catch on to the craze. Majority of houses built in New Zealand until recently had single glazed windows installed. Which meant cold temperatures inside during winter and stifling hot during summer. We seem to have installed better heating systems like heat pumps, as well as upgraded our ceiling insulation.secondary retrofitted double glazing

The houses that were built with single glazing were cheaper and the general consensus was that it doesn't get cold enough to warrant the extra expense of double glazing. Well times have changed and although we can always 'put another jumper on'. The feeling of a warm, dry, damp free home is mainly for long term health benefits and more comfortable home all round

With double glazing (glass) there are two sheets of glass filled with either gas or a vacuum. These will require a company removing all your old window joinery and replacing them with the double glazing units. 

With MagicSeal's Retrofitted Double Glazing, we simply apply an adhesive to the inside of your existing windows and apply a layer of acrylic to our proprietary magnetic system. This secondary double glazed acrylic has been installed on homes throughout New Zealand and is a better, more cost effective alternative to completely replacing your existing windows.

Cost Comparison


Double glazing the traditional way according to Ronnie Pocock, marketing manager of Fletcher states: "retrofitting double glazing (removing and installing new windows) to a typical three-bedroom house starts from about $13,000 plus".  As the cost of building materials have increased since then, we can assume prices will be higher 


Average 3 bedroom home (100m 2) costs between $8,000 - $10,000. Aside from not having to cut and replace your existing window joinery, which can be messy and intrusive to the comfort of your home. Advantages to considering retrofitting MagicSeal include: 

  MagicSeal Retrofit Double Glazing Double Glass Glazing
UV Protection Blocks Up To 80% UV Rays Reducing Furniture Fade Can Include UV Inhibitors, This Glass Is More Expensive
Noise Reduction Reduce Outside Noise By 13 decibels Reduce Outside Noise By 6 decibels
Increase Warmth  Improves Thermal Efficiency By 54% Improves Efficiency By 30-40%
Cost Comparison $8,000-$10,000 Typical 3 Bedroom NZ Home $13,000-plus Typical 3 Bedroom NZ Home


How Can We Make Your Home, A Better Place To Live?

Click the buttons below to get in contact with you local agent, we have agents nationwide that will be more than happy to give you a free measure and quote. If you've want to keep the heat in during the winter then retrofitting our double glazing will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Aside from the thermal benefits of secondary double-glazing, we can also colour match to suit your joinery

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