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Your windows provide you with scenic views of the outdoors, but they can also let unwanted things in and out of your home—such as heat, noise and UV rays. Many people throughout the Wellington area look for ways to make their windows more private, safe, and energy efficient. You could close your blinds for most of the day, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a window in the first place, doesn’t it? Instead, why not make your windows more robust with high-quality double glazing in Wellington?

Arranging for a professional to provide you with retrofit double glazing for your home is an easy way to make sure you’ll still have a clear view from your home without giving up other important comforts.


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Retrofit double glazing involves putting a second pane of acrylic material over the pane of glass in your window with a small space between the old pane and the new one. By doing so, a professional can ensure your windows allow less heat to leak outside when you want to keep toasty warm at home—and that your air conditioning will be more efficient during the summer, since heat won’t be able to enter the building as easily.

Key Benefits of Double-Glazing

Double glazing also reduces the number of ultraviolet rays that can penetrate your windows and provides added soundproofing for your home so you can keep street noise out (or prevent nosy neighbours from eavesdropping!).

Window glazing in Wellington can be easy to arrange when you contact a trustworthy organisation that has been in the business for decades. Enter MagicSeal, a family owned and operated business that has thrived for nearly 30 years. We do our utmost to provide you with safe and effective double glazing for your windows, and can provide this service for windows of numerous different kinds. We also offer resilient insect screens that are capable of covering practically any outdoor-facing opening in your building, preventing it from becoming an access point for vermin and pests.


When you shop with MagicSeal, you can expect to enjoy the following advantages:

Everything we offer is made from extremely high-quality materials. We don’t skimp on the parts we use to build any of our products, because we realise the longer they stand in your building, the greater the testament to our skill and value. When you shop with us, you can expect to receive items that will serve you long into the future.
We focus on easy installation. From our insect screens to double glazing for windows, we make it easy to augment your home. Simply place an order with us and let our people take care of the rest.
Free quotes. Not sure what double glazing will run you? Why not ask? We’ll be happy to provide you with a ballpark figure so that you can make an informed choice about investing in a safer and more efficient home.
Excellent customer service. Wondering about any of our products or policies? Simply call and speak with someone on our team.

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