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Even if you have an older home, MagicSeal can provide you with the benefits of window double glazing. Retrofitting MagicSeal's Secondary Double Glazing reduces condensation on your windows, blocks out harmful UV rays, and protects the glass against breakage.

retrofitted glazing how does it work

Condensation occurs when moist air contacts cool windows and the water vapour turns into liquid water. The drips will run down the windows and get inside the casing, which can cause mildew and mould growth. It can cause timber frames to rot or metal casing to corrode. By reducing the amount of condensation, you increase the life of your windows.

Double Glazing Benefits

Our double glazing also reduces the amount of UV rays from the sun that enters your home. UV rays damage materials on a molecular level by knocking electrons out of their atoms. Cloth furnishings such as sofas and drapery fades, and the material becomes weak and tears. UV also causes paint to fade and can affect the colour of wood. Our window double glazing in Rotorua prevents damage to your belongings by UV rays.

Windows protected with double glazing are harder to break, which reduces the chances of accidents turning into window-replacing events. Your windows are more likely to survive tree limbs, birds, or stray balls as well as an uninvited guest trying to come in through a window: the acrylic we use is ten times stronger than glass. Contact MagicSeal and we will install acrylic glazing to protect your home.

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