Posted September 14, 2018

Studies have shown noise actually has adverse effects on our health. MagicSeal can help reduce the sound that can enter your home with window double glazing in Napier. Not only does double glazing reduce noise, but it also limits damaging UV rays, prevents glass breakage, and keeps your window frames looking like new.

Many people understand the correlation between noise and hearing issues or poor sleep patterns, but excessive traffic noise has also been linked to heart disease. The cause seems to be increased stress when someone is subjected to constant noise. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline can increase your blood pressure, which damages your heart and arteries over time.

Double glazing your windows in Napier reduces the amount of street noise you experience, helping to safeguard your hearing, sleep, and heart. It also preserves your home and belongings by reducing condensation that can cause mildew and mould growth and prompt your window frames to rot or corrode. The acrylic we use is ten times stronger than glass, which protects against accidental breaks and intruders. It also blocks out the UV rays that disintegrate fabrics and fade paint.

If you are interested in preserving your home and health with window double glazing in Napier, contact MagicSeal. Our exceptional customer service includes an experienced technician coming to your home to measure your windows and provide you with a free quote. Our products are manufactured locally to withstand our climatic conditions and designed to seamlessly blend in with your home so you don’t even notice they are there. Experience the upgrade today.

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