Posted September 14, 2018

Christchurch Based Secondary Window Glazing Company

You love your home in Christchurch, but perhaps you feel there’s something missing. It might be something you barely notice at first, something so subtle you’d hardly be able to tell it was there, yet its absence is all too apparent. Have you checked your windows yet? Why not do it now? Go ahead… we’ll wait.

Did you notice two sturdy and clear panes in each window, or was there only one? If your windows don’t yet have double glazing in Christchurch, that could be the answer to what’s been disrupting the comfort and ease of your home.

Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing

MagicSeals Retrofit double glazing can make life much easier for the inhabitants where it has been installed. When you add an extra acrylic pane to your windows to augment the glass, you can expect:

christchurch retrofit double glazing how it works

Lower utility bills. Having two panes of glass in each window means heat doesn’t leak through your windows as easily—in either direction. Worried about keeping heat in the house when the weather outside is cool, or running your air conditioner efficiently when the sun is beating down on the street just beyond your walls? With double glazing, you increase your protection.
Shatter protection in case of an earthquake. Two panes of glass are better than one when it comes to withstanding seismic shock, so double glazing can keep your windows from bursting into pieces during an earthquake. It’s still a good idea to follow other recommended precautions during a natural disaster.
Better strength than regular glass. Acrylic is tougher and harder to break than glass, which means your windows will be less prone to damage from other sources as well.
Reduced noise from the street, and better ability to seal in noise from inside your home. Maintain your privacy and prevent ambient noise from outside from distracting you when you’re trying to enjoy your space. 

The MagicSeal Advantage

It’s easy to find professionals in Christchurch who can provide you with the glazing services you need. Simply contact MagicSeal, a decades-old family owned business that provides retrofit double glazing for Christchurch residence as well as state-of-the-art insect and fly screens. We make products suitable for practically every kind of window and door, giving our customers the ability to ensure every point of contact with the outside world on their building has proper protection—not just from bugs but from heat seepage, noise pollution, and UV light as well. We commit to using only high-quality materials in everything we offer, so you can trust that you’ll be making a worthwhile investment when you opt to work with our pros.

Your windows deserve proper protection from the elements, and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve made the right arrangements. Call MagicSeal now for a no-obligation quote for retrofit double glazing that supports your goals as a building owner.


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