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Affordable Retrofit Double Glazing For Your Auckland Home

Posted September 14, 2018

You may have combed over other home improvement blogs trying to tighten up the ways you use energy, but here’s one you may not have considered yet: retrofitting double glazing. Home owners who retrofit their windows with double window glazing can look forward to better energy efficiency and more privacy due to the enhanced noise protection it offers.

Retrofitting Secondary Double Glazing

retro glazed

High quality retro double-glazing uses acrylic instead of glass for the extra layer of material that sits next to your original pane. Installing a secondary glazed window has many benefits. The Acrylic offers:

Stronger Double-Glazing

10 times the strength of glass, which makes it much more resilient if an accident or other damage occurs. In fact, acrylic glazing can even lower the chances of your windows shattering during an earthquake!

Reduced Heat Loss

heating and cooling retrofitting double-glazing benefits

A tighter seal against heat loss, which is useful in both cold and warm weather. Make the most of the energy you’ll use running your heater or air conditioner with the knowledge you’ll be able to maintain the temperature you want in your home more easily.

Reduced Noise From Outside

Superior sound-reducing capabilities, which means you won’t be nearly as bothered by the sounds coming from the street outside. It also means your neighbours will be less likely to hear the noise you’re making, which makes acrylic double glazing ideal for homes that are packed quite close to others in the area.

When considering the services of a retrofit double glazing expert, look for one that meets the following criteria:

Experienced Glazing Company

You want to work with people who have been doing this kind of work for years—or even decades. Hire a company that has developed a mastery of their craft over a respected career in the business. Based in Christchurch and with glazing experts nationwide

Invested in their products

Buy from a business that pays close attention to quality control so your new window glazing will be well-made and last for years to come.

Professional and friendly

Whenever you let contractors into your building, it’s best to make sure you’ll receive respectful and efficient service. Look for signs that the business you’re considering cares about the quality of the experience they’ll provide for you. Free quotes up front are normally a good sign. 

Trust MagicSeal

MagicSeal can meet all of the standards listed above, and we’re proud to offer cutting-edge acrylic retrofit window glazing for Auckland homes. When you need better energy-efficiency and privacy for your home, don’t hesitate. MagicSeal's products have been tested under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations. Contact us today for any questions about getting your home fitted with our retrofit double glazing.

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