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If you don’t have a deck or outdoor patio area, the next best thing is to throw open the windows and enjoy the views and flow of outside air from the comfort of your kitchen or living room. Unfortunately, insects don’t always seem to respect this kind of plan. Having flies or other pests blasting in and buzzing around while you are trying to relax is not ideal. Luckily, with a MagicSeal insect screen for your Wellington home, you might never need to deal with these kinds of pests in your home again.

Insect Screens from MagicSeal: Effective and Unobtrusive

Some homeowners are reluctant to install insect screens on their windows, for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, many types of window screens are difficult to manage and maintain, due to cumbersome designs that make them difficult to remove or replace. On the other hand, screens can also be somewhat unsightly, clashing badly with window frames and joiners, or blocking views of the outdoors.

At MagicSeal, we have been designing and selling fly screens in Wellington since 1989. Over the years, we believe we have perfected the formula for the insect screens.

First off, our screens are anything but cumbersome. Using magnets rather than clunky locking mechanisms, our screens are remarkably easy to remove and replace. Our designs don’t make cleaning your windows a huge hassle.

Secondly, we have worked hard to craft the sleekest and most attractive screen designs possible. Our screens are unobtrusive, preserving sight lines and flow of natural light throughout your home. We can also customise the colour of your screen to match the joiner or window frame. We can colour match any aluminium or wooden joinery to compliment any interior features.


magnetic screen for bugs and insects

During the hottest parts of the summer, you might want to keep your windows shut and locked so you can get the full benefit of your air conditioning. During cooler days or more temperate evenings, though, opening the windows and allowing the flow of natural air into your home can be incredibly pleasant and relaxing.

With a magnetic fly screen from Wellington, you can open your windows and enjoy the influx of breezes and fresh air without needing to keep a fly swatter handy. At MagicSeal, our screens will form a tight barrier against bugs while still giving you a chance to enjoy the feel of the outdoors in your home. We can also manufacture and install screen doors, to give you even more ways to benefit from the feel of a summer breeze coursing through your house.

We would be happy to speak to you about custom making screens or screen doors to suit your home.

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