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Sandflies are almost the stuff of legend in New Zealand. Persistent, bloodthirsty and at times found in swarms of seemingly biblical proportions, the sand fly is an aggressive summer foe found throughout the Invercargill region. Yet you can outsmart these pint-sized pests when you install a magnetic fly screen for your Invercargill home from MagicSeal, the original inventor of this innovative summer-saving design.

Beating New Zealand’s Most Infamous Pest

No matter where you are in New Zealand, summer and bugs seem to go hand-in-hand. During the warmer months of the year, insects multiply more quickly and are more likely to invade your space. While no one enjoys having bugs in their home, one pest in particular is notorious for causing misery and nuisance wherever it is found: the biting sand fly. Despite how nasty this bug may seem, it can be easily thwarted through the use of a tight-fitting insect screen for most Invercargill homes.

As a result of this insect’s menacing reputation, quality insect screens are a highly sought out item throughout New Zealand, especially in Invercargill where sand flies are particularly abundant. Plug-in mosquito repellent may work against mozzies, but they may not be as effective against sand flies as using a decent fly screen. A good fly screen should be streamlined enough to not intrude on your valuable space while maintaining a tight enough fit to prevent smaller insects, such as gnats, from entering.

If you have suffered having these pests enter your home in the past and would like to beat them for good, you need to ensure you are receiving a quality product made to fit your windows or doors. That’s where getting a high-end, custom-made MagicSeal fly screen for your Invercargill home can truly make a difference.


MagicSeal has helped families throughout New Zealand keep sand flies and other troublesome pests at bay since 1989. You can trust our screens to last as we are the original inventors of this design and continue to manufacture and install only the highest-quality custom-fit screens, using locally produced plastics and powerful North American-sourced magnets. All screens feature a durable Phifer mesh and 3M tape made to last.

Each screen is virtually invisible and forms a total “seal” against all flying insects, and can be colour-coordinated to match your existing joinery and décor, meaning you will not have to sacrifice style to maintain comfort and protection from a variety of pests. Thanks to MagicSeal, gone are the days of ugly aluminium frames with plastic toggles and highly-visible mesh!

Our insect screens can be made to fit virtually any window or door, and attach to a variety of materials including timber, steel and UPVC. Each screen is made to order, ensuring the best possible fit for your particular entry or window. When you order an insect screen for your Invercargill home from us, you can rest assured that you will enjoy many seasons of relief from a variety of flying and crawling insects, including the sand fly. Contact us today to see how we can help provide your family with relief using a durable and invisible magnetic fly screen manufactured and installed by MagicSeal.

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