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Keeping a home comfortable and sanitary involves addressing numerous concerns, but few are more important than making sure your building is always free from pests. It’s a lot easier to clean a stain or vacuum a carpet than it is to get a wasp out of the house—or, for that matter, a nest of them. Flies are a common problem too. Whatever the flying insects are, you probably don’t want them in your home. When it comes to these pests, prevention is better than cure. The most effective way to keep insects out of your home is to make sure they can’t enter in the first place.

One of the best ways to keep insects outside your home is with an insect screen. Hamilton homeowners often turn to insect screen when the weather warms up, and they need to keep windows open for air circulation. A quality magnetic fly screen can fit over your window or door frames with no trouble, allowing you to remove it without tools if necessary. It’s an effective and low-maintenance way to keep insects from gaining access to your home when you leave a door or window open.


Once you’ve decided to purchase magnetic fly screen in Hamilton, you’ll need to have a good idea of where to buy it. There’s more than one company making fly screen, and Hamilton residents who want the best their money can buy need to choose carefully. One of the most significant characteristics of a business that sells such products is the length of time they’ve been in business. A company who has been selling fly screen for decades will have long ago removed any substandard products from their inventory, leaving customers with exclusive access to top of the line solutions.

How MagicSeal Offers Solutions that Combine Practicality with Sound Aesthetics

One such company is MagicSeal, a business that has thrived since 1989. We’ve provided some of the strongest and most dependable fly screens in the area to homeowners and other clients that want their buildings to be off-limits for flying pests. When you contact us, we’ll be happy to recommend a product you can use to make sure your windows are always secure. We offer an effective seal with edges that are colour coordinated to match your joining, which prevents our products from getting in the way of your view or throwing off the decor. It’s a subtle, quiet, and powerful way to keep insects out when you want fresh air.

You don’t have to compromise when you’re dealing with flying pests. Don’t settle for reducing their routes into your building—make sure they can’t set thorax, antennae, or wing inside your property. Call MagicSeal today and ask about our magnetic fly screen options, or select the product you want from our website. We’ll make sure you and your home are adequately protected from flying pests whenever the weather gets warm.

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