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When the weather in Greymouth turns warm (which is a distinct possibility for much of the year), insects seem to be everywhere. There’s one place you definitely won’t want to see them: inside. Whether you’re a home or commercial business owner, your building should always be a no-fly zone for bugs. However, that’s easier said than done.

Insects aren’t exactly known for respecting human boundaries, and they’re bound to make their way into your building unless you know how to seal it off properly. Buying a fly screen in Greymouth is one of the best ways to do just that… but how can you make sure you’re buying your fly screen door in Greymouth from the right company? Not all insect screens sold in Greymouth are the same.


Different insect screen options in the Greymouth area may give you different results. For the best outcome, you’ll want to make sure your fly screen is made from sturdy and long-lasting materials, because a durable fly screen is less likely to develop holes or tears over extended periods of use. A single hole in your fly screen can become a gateway for all kinds of buzzing and crawling nuisances, so the quality of the materials used to make your fly screen should be a top priority.

There are a few other factors to consider.

Ease of installation: make sure your fly screen can be set up without much trouble so you can start using it as soon as it arrives.
Ease of use: your fly screen should be low-maintenance so you can enjoy the benefits without having to check on it often. Proper fly screens should be so effective and innocuous that you practically forget they’re there.
Applications for most different kinds of windows. Windows can vary in terms of their specifications and designs, therefore it’s vital to make sure any fly screen you purchase can be affixed to the window or door areas in your home.
Warranties for all products. A warranty tells you the company that made your product stands firmly behind its quality and expects it to last.


MagicSeal is a maker and seller of premium insect screens for Victoria residents who are keen to invest in the best protection they can find. We pride ourselves on offering innovative products that are simple and accessible, but also effective and long-lasting. Our customers are able to install and begin using their screens quickly and can do so for extended periods of time without having to worry about wear and tear thanks to the quality of materials that we use. We also distribute Freedom retractable screens, which are made in accordance with strict standards to ensure satisfaction. Contact us now to learn more about our work.

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