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If you have been thinking about installing insect screens around your Christchurch home, or possibly a fly screen door? If so, look no further than MagicSeal. We have been offering these types of products to the New Zealand market for 28 years. In fact, we were the first company to provide magnetic insect screens in New Zealand, and we still believe our products are a cut above the rest of the market. By using the best materials and always making our screens to measure, we consistently guarantee the highest level of satisfaction from our customers.

If you aren’t sure whether our fly screens in Christchurch are the right option for you, just keep reading. Below, we have described some of the core advantages of the products we offer.

Why MagicSeal’s Magnetic Fly Screens are the Right Choice for You

Our screens are customised to suit your windows: Many homes have standard sized windows, but many homes also don’t. If your windows have arches, bends, unusual sizes, weird angles or other quirks, it can be difficult to find insect screens that fit them correctly. At MagicSeal, we can make screens to measure based on your windows, providing perfectly-fitting screens no matter how unusual the design.

Windows remain easy to access and open: MagicSeal’s insect screens in Christchurch usually fit on the inside of the window and window frame. This design is perfect for blocking out insects, but some homeowners worry it might make it difficult to access and open their windows. No worries: all MagicSeal screens can be easily peeled away from the frame, allowing you to access the window without having to remove the screen entirely.

Screens and windows are easy to clean: Because MagicSeal fly screens are magnetic and easy to remove from your window frames, they also allow for no fuss maintenance. If the screens need to be cleaned, just take them off and wash or dust them. If the windows need cleaning, taking the screen off is easy. Both things are harder to do with traditional window screens.

Window screens and screen doors allow for terrific air flow: Does your home tend to get stuffy—especially during hot summer nights? Window screens and screen doors enable you to keep the bugs outside but still let in some fresh air, which can keep the home cool, comfortable and flush with fresh air at all times.
MagicSeal screens are durable: At MagicSeal, we didn’t get our reputation for high quality insect screens and fly screen doors in Christchurch by accident. On the contrary, we’ve strived to build the best products possible, only sourcing magnets and screen mesh from top suppliers. We even use durable fibreglass mesh on our screens. There is no reason for window screens to be flimsy.


If you are interested in installing a fly screen door or insect screen in your Christchurch home, give us a call at MagicSeal. We’d be happy to customise screens to fit your windows and doors. You can reach us on +64 3 358 9237.

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