Posted September 14, 2018

How are pests so resourceful? Despite all our best efforts, bugs always seem to find a way to get into the house. With the right insect screens for your Auckland home, though, you may just be able to solve the problem while still enjoying the flow of natural breezes through your home.

At MagicSeal, we have been helping homeowners throughout Auckland fight insects and other pests for the better part of three decades. Our magnetic fly screens in Auckland are the perfect way to seal your windows against pests without having to keep your windows closed and locked tight at all times.

Avoiding the Problems Usually Associated with Window Screens

One of the factors that has allowed MagicSeal to become one of the big names in insect screens in Auckland is our commitment to offering something unique from the rest of the market. The idea of using window screens to keep flies and other pests outside is hardly new. However, the truth is that the traditional window screen is not the ideal solution for a variety of reasons.

Indeed, traditional screens are cumbersome and unwieldy. They are difficult to remove when you need to clean your windows, and sometimes make opening and shutting your windows harder than it should be. Some screens also don’t quite fit their windows correctly, which defeats the purpose of having a screen in the first place.

At MagicSeal, the intention behind our magnetic fly screens in Auckland has always been to provide a better solution for homeowners. First—and probably most crucially—we custom fit each screen we make to suit the window in question. If you decide to order an insect screen (or a set of insect screens from us), we won’t just send you standard sized screens and hope they get the job done. On the contrary, we make every screen to measure. We want you to rely on us for all your insect screen needs—even for oddly shaped or oddly sized windows.

Secondly, our fly screens in Auckland are also incredibly easy to remove and replace. They are flexible and attach via magnets. (Most window screens use complicated locking or latching mechanisms that are difficult to engage without at least two sets of hands.) Whether you need to clean your windows, open a window to get some fresh air or remove the screens and store them for the winter months, MagicSeal’s intuitive design makes it easy.


In addition to their easy-to-maintain design, MagicSeal’s fly screens in Auckland are also made from only the best materials. We source all magnetic materials from reliable suppliers in North America, and we use high-grade phifertex mesh for most designs. (We can also fit your screens with aluminium mesh, stainless steel mesh or other materials if you have a strong preference.) Simply put, we want your screens to stand the test of time.

Are you interested in trying out a magnetic fly screen in your Auckland home? If so, call MagicSeal on +64 3 358 9237 to learn more.

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