Technical Information – Insect Screens


A very attractive difference

The difference is the “INVISIBILITY” combined with  “SUPERIOR MAGNETS”.

Our very own “EUROPEAN” magnetic seal of quality.

MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens are magnetically sealed against the window frames using our unique bonding process and are constructed from specially developed, high quality materials.

Our magnets are a single-sided, rare-earth magnetised strip with multiple poles. They are fixed to the frames with a high quality adhesive and bonded by a unique process under pressure. The adhesive and the magnet both have a strong resistance against solvents and are unaffected by household detergents, UV light and oils.  Our SUPERIOR EUROPEAN magnets ensure a product synonymous with Ferrari, the hall mark of  creative Italian design flair, to give you the customer the ultimate in magnetic screen technology. WATCH OUT FOR COPIERS & FAKES. Only buy, install and specify the ORIGINAL MAGNETIC INSECT SCREEN by MagicSeal.

They work “like Magic”

The reinforced fibreglass mesh is vinyl-coated for enhanced durability, which means it will not rust, rot, corrode, shrink, scratch or stain but will remain flexible and is non-combustible. MagicSeal Magnetic Insect Screens are fabricated to very close tolerances and are custom-made to fit your windows. This ensures an accurate fit and a wrinkle-free finish. We use and  specify only fiberglass mesh from the USA.

Magicseal  Insect Screen Features Magicseal Insect Screen Benefits

Complete seal by magnets – No insects can fly or crawl inside.
Environmentally friendly – No need to use CFC insect sprays that damage the Ozone
Affordable – easily fitted
Cost effective and easy to install
Simple to remove – Easy to take down for cleaning
Wide range of uses  – Domestic homes, restaurants, high-rise buildings, boats, caravans, hospitals
Invisible when installed
Colour co-ordinated to match joinery. Can be colour matched to any BS colour
– Custom-made to exacting standards. Exactly fits your window size – as made to measure
– 12 month warranty. MagicSeal stands behind its products