Q.           Does MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing eliminate condensation?

A             The principle of condensation will occur when the dew point is reached between two different temperatures on each side of the window glass. By installing the Magicseal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing Panel you help eliminate the warm moist air inside the home coming into contact with the cold air on the outside. Therefore the dew point or condensation will not occur on the inside of the window. The trapped air between the panel & the inside of the window glass acts as an insulator helping stop any condensation forming.

(MagicSeal makes no claim to totally eliminate all condensation)


Q.           Does MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing work on wooden windows?

A             Yes. As wood is already a good insulator, by adding the Magicseal Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing Panel quite a large air gap is created with good insulation properties. So the panel should work well provided the putty and paint are all of sound quality and water tight.


Q.           Does MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing have a guarantee?

A             Yes the materials and workmanship carry a 12 month warranty.


Q.           What is the cost of an average window for MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing?

A             Our National team of MagicSeal Agents do all their own pricing. Please forward your enquiry through our web site and your local agent will contact you for a quotation or phone your local agent on 0800 10 44 66.


Q.           Can we take them off the MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing panels and Insect Screens?

A             Yes, but we recommend that you only take off one at a time so you don’t mix them up as each panel or insect screen is custom made to fit that window. To store an insect screen they have to be spread out on a galvanized flat sheet. As this is NOT practical they are best left on the windows all the time so that the base magnets hold then in shape.


Q.           How do we clean MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing and Insect Screens?

A             MagicSeal NZ Ltd , or their authorized Agents can supply you a purpose made flexible duster brush to clean the insect screens. The panels can be cleaned with a special soft cloth & VuPlex Cleaner  or Ultra-Gloss Polish/Hardener, available from your MagicSeal Agent.  MagicSeal NZ Ltd has special cleaning kits with all the correct materials in them for such work. Please contact MagicSeal 0800 10 44 66 for assistance.


Q.           Why do we you use acrylic instead of glass?

A             Acrylic is much stronger than glass and is also much lighter per volume.  Acrylic also has properties that standard glass does not possess. It has a rating of up to 80% to stop UV rays that degrade furnishings.  It is warmer to the feel than glass and has a much higher insulation value.  Coupled with the fact that when eliminating noise it attenuates at different frequencies than glass so when co-joined with glass in a double glazing situation it performs much better than conventional  glass double glazing,  to reduce noise pollution.  


Q.           What is acrylic/perspex?

A             The term “acrylic” is used for products that contain a substance derived from acrylic acid or a related compound. Most often, it is used to describe a clear, glass-like plastic known as poly(methyl) methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA, also called acrylic glass, has properties that make it a better choice for many products that might otherwise be made of glass. There are two basic types: extruded and cast. (Courteous “Wise Geek”)


Q.           Can we do it  MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing or MagicSeal Insect Screens ourselves?

A             No,  It is not possible to do MAGICSEAL Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing or Insect Screens as a DIY project. Magicseal has a network of Agents nationwide so those Agents will be your first port of call for all MagicSeal products.


Q.           Does MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing stop heat from coming in?

A             Yes, It works in both directions so will keep heat inside your home as well as keeping heat out in summer.


Q.           Can we do one window at a time?

A.            Yes, you can match it to your budget, but it is best to complete all the windows in one room to gain the best effect and energy savings from MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing .



Q.           How much noise does MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing stop?

A             MagicSeal has a test report undertaken by the Canterbury University that can be supplied to interested Parties. ( Between 2 to 10 Db can be gained )


Q.           Is there movement in the acrylic – flexibility and strength?

A             In impact resistance tests acrylic has come up 17 times stronger than glass. That’s like comparing the strength of a man to an elephant! Because acrylic is stronger than glass your panel will not break as easily as a glass panel if dropped or bumped? It is also lighter per volume that glass therefore it is more flexible. (Courteous “Leading Edge LED”).


Q.           Will the MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing panels scratch?

A             Yes. The acrylic is much softer than glass and is more susceptible to scratching. More care must be taken when cleaning the MAGICSEAL Retrofit Secondary Double Glazing. MagicSeal has available scratch repair kits, scratch resistant kits & cleaning kits. Please contact MagicSeal if your require assistance on 0800 10 44 66.


Q.           Can we have gas between the panels of  MagicSeal Retrofit Secondary Glazing?

 A            No, there is no need to have gas between the panels.